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Montreal RV Road Trip to Montreal’s International Fireworks Competition

Montreal Summertime Festivals

Montreal Must See Festivals

A lively, entertaining city at all times of the year. Montreal, Quebec is famous for the energy and excitement that comes to a vivacious front during the summertime festival season! With an endless list of festivals in all forms and sizes the options can be overwhelming! Book your RV now, and take in these 4 must see Montreal festivals.

The Top 4 Festivals in Montreal

1. L’International des Feux Loto

Montreal’s International Fireworks Competition, know as L’International des Feux Loto, is the worlds largest pyrotechnics competition, a brilliant display of rhythmic, explosive sound and beauty. This spectacular event is one of the city’s top attractions, held from June 29-July 27. As the best in the world display their art, rain or shine, capture the experience at the grand stand of La Ronde amusement park at 10pm. Make a day of it by discovering the rides and rollercoasters at La Ronde before the show. You don’t want to miss the most dazzling, vibrant firework display in the world.

Montreal RV Road Trip to Montreal’s International Fireworks Competition
Photo credit:

2. Tam-Tams

Tam-Tams was named to represent the sound of the event, may be one of the largest drum circles in the world! Held every Sunday at the George-Etienne Cartier Monument in the beautiful green spaces of Mount Royal Park, brings thousands of drum players, dancers, vendors, DJs, performance artists, and spectators. The Tam-Tams typically starts around 10:30am and continues until sunset. A little hipster, a little hippie, add some fantasy role players, and you will see this event attracts all types, of all ages, from all walks of life. Bring a blanket, a picnic, a drum or noise maker and settle into the action. This is guaranteed fun for the whole family, and a Montreal must see!

3. Just For Laughs Festival

One of the most famous festivals to hit Montreal every summer is the largest and most prestigious international comedy event in the world: The Just For Laughs Festival. This year marks the 37th anniversary, featuring galas, musicals, theatre, stand up comedians and street entertainment. The festival hosts 1700 artists from 19 countries and over two million spectators from all over the world. With so much to do all over the city, including the food truck villages, interactive art, tonnes of free shows, and crazy décor, just walking around the city is exciting! Make sure you buy tickets to the headliners, and choose your seat carefully or you may be the brunt of many jokes! Join in the festivities as everyone comes together to eat, drink and laugh!

Osheaga Music Festival for your RV Road Trip
Photo credit: Osheaga

4. Osheaga Music and Arts Festival

The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival is an epic outdoor festival taking place the first weekend of August in Parc Jean-Drapeau. This is Montreal’s top music festival and it’s massive! In 2019, the headlines include the Lumineers, one of hundreds of bands, marrying emerging talent with famous talent new and old. Walk the festival grounds to take in the vast variety of art, including sculptures, graffiti, paintings and abstract art forms. This is a family friendly event, kids under 10 are free. With a plethora of vendors there is a little bit of everything to do as you shop, eat and play your way from stage to stage. The spectacular combination of art, music and excitement make this top Canadian music festival a must see.

Just the tip of the iceberg, rent your RV today and load up the maps of Montreal. Get ready to take in some of the best festivals in the world!

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Edmonton in an RV

Edmonton in an RV

A Perfect Blend of City Life and Nature

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and is known for having more urban park land than any other city in North America. A great place for an Edmonton RV holiday, blending city excitement and natural experience.

River Valley

Start by picking up your RV right in Edmonton and heading to the Rainbow Valley Campground. A great location, right in the city with easy access to the gorgeous parks and trails of the River Valley.

The River Valley is a special network of trails winding through the heart of the city along the North Saskatchewan River. Check out the central map to see the 160km of cycling and walking trails, 20 major parks and boat launches. Go for a stroll or rent a bike and take in the beautiful scenery and catch a glimpse of wildlife. Head to the John Janzen Nature centre and go on a self guided 4km walk through interpretive nature trails. However you choose to experience this gorgeous area, don’t forget to bring your camera and binoculars.

Edmonton in an RV
Photo credit: River Valley Adventure Co.

Sir Winston Churchill Square

Soak up the city excitement by heading right downtown to the Sir Winston Churchill Square. Grab lunch from a variety of vendors and take in the art on the Happy Wall, the daily activities from 11am-1pm, street performers, people watching and shopping. Check out the EPCOR Waterfall meant to represent the northern lights, the formal gardens, and the Centennial Pavilion to shop.

Edmonton Street Markets

Before getting out of the hub bub of the downtown action, hit one on the many street markets happening almost daily. Check out the Edmonton Farmer’s Market Guide for a full schedule of all the local markets. Held on Thursday evening or Sunday during the day, the 124 Grand Market is a great place to catch live music, street performers, food trucks and local growers, bakers, and makers. A great spot to buy some picnic essentials and to stock up your RV with goodies for the rest of the trip.

Elk Island National Park

Ready to get back to nature, pack up the RV and head 36 minutes west out of Edmonton to the Elk Island National Park. With over a century of participation in bison conservation take in the amazing wildlife viewing, including elk, and over 250 bird species.

Elk Island National Park
Photo credit: Dan Rafla, Parks Canada

Astotin Lake Campground

Settle in for a night (or three ☺) at the beautiful Astotin Lake campground. This campground, overlooking a picturesque marsh, is the perfect place to spend the days at the beach or just relax and take in the wilderness experience. Make sure you catch the remarkable sunsets and get ready for an evening of spectacular star gazing. If you’re lucky maybe you will catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis.

Canoeing at Elk Island
Photo credit:

Continue to relax or adventure the next couple days away with the 80km of hiking trails. Try your hand at geocaching with 8 geocaches located around the park. These caches range from half hour treks to half day adventures. Take a stroll on the lake view trail built in 1930. You can also rent a paddle boat or stand up paddle board to get out on the water. Check out the many recreation sites and picnic areas, including the Tawayik Lake Rec Area, to have lunch at a picnicker’s paradise. Take in the breathtaking scenery of the lakes and islands of this amazing National Park.
Book your RV now and gear up for a perfect blend of city and nature experience as you explore Edmonton in a RV.

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yukon river

Whitehorse Yukon by RV

Explore the Yukon

Traveling in Whitehorse, Yukon, one of Canada’s Northern territories, is a chance to experience a thriving community, the gorgeous scenery, some amazing street art and restaurants that’ll make you wish you could explore Whitehorse every day.

1. Canoe the Yukon River.

Explore Whitehorse with a short trip or go on an epic voyage is the perfect way to explore the landscape.

2. Visit the SS Klondike National Historic Site.

The gold rush put the Yukon on the map. The S.S. Klondike, a restored sternwheeler is a relic of the 1890s and will teach you all about the Gold Rush history.

3. Hike the Miles Canyon.

With multiple trail options the Miles Canyon, created by the powerful Yukon River, trails loop all the way around or go for a shorter hike. There are options for everyone.

4. Experience the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre.

Learn all about the the route that was believed to be traveled by the first people who entered North America from Asia. From the area’s history and geographical events to illustrated culture.

5. Stand in awe under the Northern Lights.

If you decide to visit Whitehorse from September onwards once the nights start to get longer the skies often become a stage for the Northern Lights.

6. Relax in the Takhini Hot Pools.

If you want to take your Northern Lights viewing to a whole new level, pack your bikini and hit the Takhini Hot Pools and lounge in 47C waters during the winter.

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Quebec By RV

Quebec by RV

Exploring Quebec City

Quebec City is one of those places you can spend a long time exploring and still never see the hidden gems. We’ve put together some of our favourite off the map places to see in Quebec.

1. Parc National du Fjord du Saguenay

Explore the Fjords in Parc National du Fjord du Saguenay. They run for 105 km at the mouth of the Saguenay River. If you decide to visit in the winter, bring your snowshoes!

2. Mingan Archipelago National Park

If you love to drive the coastline the Mingan Archipelago National Park is a must. Between the wildlife (Puffins!) and the limestone pinnacles it won’t disappoint.

3. Montreal to Quebec City

The almost 250 km stretch between Montreal and Quebec city boasts some of the most scenic landscapes which are littered with river’s, lakes, cheese makers and let’s not forget the wineries.

4. Forillan National Park

Forillan National Park on the Gaspe Peninsula provides a unique coastal experience to discover and explore. Keep your eyes open for whale watching and hidden beaches.

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Photo credit:

5 Canadream motorhomes lined up at daytime

Unlimited Kilometre RV Rentals

Do you Really need an Unlimited Kilometre RV Rental?

Many people want unlimited kilometres included when they rent an RV. There are a few things to consider when deciding if you really need unlimited kilometres for your RV rental. How many kilometres are you actually going to drive? How many days are you planning on travelling? Are your RV rental travel plans realistic? Will the RV rental company allow you to travel that many kilometres in one of their RVs?

Map out your trip

The first thing that you want to do is map out your trip. How many kilometres is your trip going to be? Most RV rentals come with 100 km a night or they let you purchase 500 km packages or both. Unlimited kilometres are expensive, do you really need them? Remember you do not want to spend your whole trip driving. This makes for very long days, gives you no time to explore this beautiful country and can be boring, especially for your passengers. So is it realistic to travel all those kilometres? Can you consider adding a few extra days onto your trip or do you just need to choose a shorter trip? Then there is the rental company. Not all RV rental companies offer you unlimited kilometre RV rentals. Putting lots of kilometres on any vehicle in a short period of time puts a lot of wear on the vehicle. RV rental companies put restrictions on unlimited kilometre trip such as they may require a minimum number of rental days, or may only allow international travels to purchase them or they only be offered as early booking specials.

So decide, do you really need unlimited kilometres, then go through the quote program to see if unlimited kilometres are available for your RV rental. If you need help, you can always contact one of our amazing reservation specialists for advice.

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Ontario National Parks

Explore Ontario’s National Parks

At over 14 million people Ontario may be the last place you would think of to get away from the hustle and be at one with nature. The truth is that Ontario has some of the best National Parks in the country. So rent an RV from Toronto and head out of the city and let’s explore the National Parks in the province of Ontario.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Bruce Peninsula National Park is a small park, with an area of only 154 square kilometres. Being that it is on a peninsula it is mostly surrounded by water. The most popular spot in this park to explore is The Grotto. The 45-minute hike (each way) leads you through giant cedars spiralling off cliff edges and through wetlands filled with native orchids and ferns. And if the beauty of the trail is not enough, at the end you will be greeted with a stunning cave filled with crystal clear turquoise waters. Parking fills up quickly so go early. The only complaint about The Grotto is the parking, but parking can be reserved online through the Parks Canada website. There are bathrooms and nice little spots to have a picnic lunch. Everyone who visits wants to come back, this is a must see.

Photo Credit: Narcity

There are many lakes in this park, Halfway Log Dump may not sound very inviting, but maybe that is why it is one of the quieter lakes offering day use. There are other lakes like Cyprus Lake that offer overnight camping.

Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee National Park is a tiny National Park, just 15 square kilometres, located on Canada’s most southern point. This National Park is great for bird watching as it is on the fly path of many migratory birds. As this park sits out in Lake Erie with no cities around it makes for the perfect place to go star gazing. The park staff host lots of kids educational programs. Marsh Boardwalk is a great trail for all fitness levels. The two large towers provide amazing views of the ponds and cattail marsh.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Pukaskwa National Park

Pukaskwa National Park is located on the northern side of Lake Superior. A four-hour hike will take you to Chigamiwinigum Falls. Geocaching adventurists will turn their hikes into a treasure hunt, a GSP can be rented at the Hattie Cove Visitors Center or park kiosk. Rent a canoe and travel the shorelines for days without seeing a single soul.

Cascade Falls
Photo Credit:

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Georgian Bay Islands National Park protects 63 islands within the worlds largest freshwater archipelago. The main island, Beausoleil Island, is the largest island within the park and is the focal point of most visitor activity. The park vessel will take you on a 15 minute boat ride from Honey Harbour to the island. From there, there are lots of hiking and biking trails, smooth sandy beaches or rocky shores to swim in. Enjoy bird watching or take a walk along the interpretive trails and learn about the natives 5,500 year history in the area.

Photo Credit:

Ontario’s National Parks let you visit some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. So get your calendar, get the time off from your boss, and rent an RV and start exploring Ontario for your next great Canadian RV rental adventure.

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Canadian Prairies National Parks

BC and Alberta National Parks You Must Visit

Canadian Prairies National Parks

The Beauty of the Prairies

When we think of the Canadian Prairies National Parks we think of flat fields of wheat swaying in the breeze. There is actually so much more to this area that we can miss if we do not take the time to stop and look. Saskatchewan and Manitoba are home to some of the largest deposits of dinosaur bones, wildlife and rare vegetation in Canada. Rent an RV and take a trip through the Canadian Prairies.

Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is located in southwestern Saskatchewan right on the US border. This National Park is a great place for kids of all ages. The Badlands in the east block of the park are home to the richest source of dinosaur fossils in Canada. There are many events throughout the year that will allow you to accompany paleontologists to a real dig site as you scour the landscape for bones. A great way to spend the day is to take your rental RV on the Ecotour Scenic Drive. This drive is about an 80 km round trip, with lots of stops for hiking and stops with information panels that talk about the stunning landscape, rich history and active conservation of the area. Keep your eyes open as there is so much wildlife to be seen, such as bison, prairie dogs, lizards and ferrets.

Photo Credit:

Prince Albert National Park

Prince Albert National Park is located 450 km north of Regina and covers one million acres of land and encompasses 1500 lakes and streams. This year-round destination offers hiking, boating, swimming, and golf in the summer and in the winter you can cross country ski, ice skate and snowshoe. The northern section of the park is home to moose, wolves and caribou while white elk, deer and badgers inhabit the southern part of the park. There is even a herd of bison that roam the southwestern corner of the park feeding off of the fescue grass in this area. Beaver Glen and Red Deer campgrounds are close to the city of Waskesui, have full hookups for your rental RV and are clean and well kept.

Photo Credit:

Wapusk National Park

Wapusk National Park is located 1400 kilometres north of Winnipeg and is only accessible by plane or VIA Rail train. It is not a trip you will take in your RV rental but this astonishing park is still worth mentioning. This park lies at the transition from boreal forest to the arctic tundra. This park protects one of the worlds largest polar bear maternity denning areas. Along with polar bears be on the watch for arctic foxes, arctic hares, wolves, caribou and wolverines.

Photo Credit:

Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park is located 250 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg Manitoba. The area of the park captures three distinct ecosystems, the grasslands, the mixed wood forests and the eastern deciduous forests. With all this distinct untouched wilderness it is the perfect location to spend a few days with your RV rental. Onanole RV Resort has great reviews and is located right in the park with easy access to Clear Lake. Riding Mountain National Park and Clear Lake are a year-round RV camping destination. In the summer enjoy hiking, biking, bird watching, fishing and water activities. In the winter you can cross country ski, snowshoe, skate and go ice fishing.

Photo Credit: The Weather Network

Rent an RV for a few days or a few weeks and spend some time in the great outdoors of the Canadian Prairies National Parks.

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Pet Friendly RV Rental

Pet Friendly RV Rentals

Pets are Part of the Family

We believe that pets are part of the family and that they should be able to come along on the many adventures families take. So ask us today about our pet-friendly RV rentals. Pick up and drop off locations include:

While travelling with pets may not be for everyone, pet friendly RV rentals are a necessity for some. I couldn’t imaging traveling without my dog. If you are planning on traveling with your pet there are a few things that you need to think about.

You will need to make sure that not only your RV is pet friendly your campground must be too. Call ahead and make sure the campground owners will let you bring your dog (or cat). Even if your campground is pet friendly you can probably assume that your dog will need to stay on leash while at the RV park. A good idea would be to find dog parks near places that you are planning on staying.

While you will probably remember to pack pet food, leashes and toys for your dog, here are a few things you may not have thought of. Always have copies of your pets vaccination records with you. You never know when you will need them. Make sure that your pet is microchipped and has a tag that has a current phone number that you can be reached. Also make sure that you have pictures of your pets incase you need to show people.

A pet friendly RV rental and a little planning will make it possible to travel with your pet. So make a check list and start planning for your next pet friendly RV rental vacation.

Not all depots will let you bring your pets, so please check the terms and conditions for each depot.

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Vancouver to Texada Island Road Trip

Sunshine Coast Road Trip

We all love a good road trip. We get behind the wheel and drive. Some people like driving and just seeing where the road takes them. Others want a plan. This road trip from Vancouver to Texada is just that plan. We have laid out the whole trip including places to camp, things to do and places to eat.

Day 1: Vancouver to Bayside Campground

Leaving from Vancouver take Highway 1 W to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Take the Horseshoe Bay-Langdale ferry. The ferry ride is approximately 40 minutes long and you only pay one way. While on board you will sail through some of the most scenic waters, passing by Bowen Island, Gambier Island, and Keats Island. You may get the chance to see some incredible wildlife such as seals, otters, or even whales.

Photo Credit: Wynonna

Arriving on the Sunshine Coast, follow the Sunshine Coast Highway for approximately twenty minutes until you arrive in Roberts Creek. Here make a stop at Roberts Creek Beach. You will see a giant mandala painted on the cement. Each year the locals paint over the old mandala and everyone gets to fill in their own section. This small beach has incredible white sand that reaches as far as the tide goes out. Cool off in some of the clearest waters in B.C. then get back in your RV and continuing driving towards Davis Bay for lunch.

Photo Credit:

Across from the pier in Davis Bay is the Wobbly Canoe, a restaurant with a first class view of the bay from any table. Refuel with locally sourced food at this local favourite.

After lunch, continue on to Bayside Campground and RV Park. Settle in for the rest of the day and enjoy the beach volleyball court, nearby hiking trails, a game of horseshoes, or explore the bay with a kayak or paddleboard rental.

Day 2: Bayside Campground to Texada Island

After packing up camp head to Wheatberries Bakery to grab a quick breakfast or lunch such as muffins, cinnamon buns, soap, sandwiches, or burritos. On to our next leg of our Vancouver to Texada road trip.

Continue along the Sunshine Coast Highway for approximately 50 minutes until you see a sign for Dan Bosch Park. This is the parking lot for Ruby Lake which is another beautiful spot for a relaxing swim. Be sure to bring floaties, kayaks, or paddle boards because this is a large lake with lots of islands to explore.

Photo Credit:

From Ruby Lake, it is just a short drive to the Earls Cove ferry terminal. The ferry is free going to Saltery Bay and takes about 50 minutes. Be sure to take in the stunning views as you sail through Jarvis Inlet.

Upon arrival continue along the Sunshine Coast Highway until you get to Powell River. Be sure to fill up on gas and any essentials before you leave because there is no gas station on Texada Island. There is a small grocery store and a convenience store if you need to resupply while you are on the island but don’t expect too much.

Proceed to the last ferry from Powell River to Texada Island (Westview to Blubber Bay). The crossing time is 35-40 minutes and you will pay the ferry fee in this direction. Head to Shelter Point Regional Park Campground to set up camp. This spacious campground has both beachfront sites and forested sites, either way, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy the sunset over the beautiful coastline and see seals, oysters, and crabs. Flush toilets, showers, and a small concession are available here.

Photo Credit:

Day 3/4: Explore Texada Island

Spend your time on the island enjoying the relaxed pace of the locals. Enjoy nature by beachcombing, taking a swim in the ocean, or walking through coastal old growth forest. The Dr. Kay Garner Nature Trail is located at the intersection of Gillies Bay Rd. and Shelter Point Rd.

If you are lucky enough to be there on a Sunday then stop by the local farmers market located at the Gillies Bay Ball Park from 12-2:30. You will find canned goods such as salsas and jams, local art, fresh produce, and friendly faces.

Photo Credit:

Explore the islands history and learn about the early 1800’s pioneer settlements at the Texada Heritage Society Museum in Blubber Bay.

Try to time your stay for the Texada Blues & Roots Festival that celebrates local performers from within 100 km. Or possibly go to the much larger Diversity Festival where a diverse audience of all ages are drawn together at the Shingle Beach Forest Service Site to listen to artists, composers, and bands from all over the continent.

Photo Credot:

If you want to enjoy more of the local art then go on the Texada Island Studio Tour. The artists work with everything from stain glass, jewellery, sculptures, photography, and more. Artists will be there to answer any questions about their work and share their passions.

Day 5: Texada Island to Roberts Creek 

Pack up camp and head back to the ferry to Powell River (Blubber Bay-Westview). Drive to Saltery Bay and take the next ferry to Earls Cove (you will pay the ferry fee travelling in this direction). Continue back along the Sunshine Coast Highway stopping at any point to enjoy one of the inviting lakes along the way. We are almost at the end of our Vancouver to Texada Island road trip.

Arrive back in Roberts Creek for dinner time and grab a table at the Gumboot Restaurant. Tables are available both inside and outside where there is a grassy area for children to play. Service is fast and friendly and the BCCLT burger and the Thai noodle salad are not to be missed.

Spend your last night at the Roberts Creek Provincial Park Campground. Your site will be in the middle of towering cedars, hemlock, and Douglas firs. The cobblestone beach is great for seeing sea creatures such as sea stars, mussels, clams, and crabs.

Photo Credit:

Day 6: Roberts Creek to Vancouver

Return to Vancouver on the Langdale to Horseshoe Bay ferry, wrapping up your Vancouver to Texada road trip!

*ferry schedules are not guaranteed, so be sure to plan accordingly.

BC and Alberta National Parks You Must Visit

Canada’s Majestic Beauty

This year Canada celebrated its 150th birthday. While this is young compared to many other countries, Canada still has a majestic beauty and a rich history that makes Canada the perfect place for your next RV rental journey. Deciding on which piece of Canada you want to visit will be the problem, with almost 10 million square kilometres, Canada will be a country you will want to keep coming back to as every corner of the country offers a beautiful and totally different experience. There are 40 national parks and over 1000 provincial parks, this with just be a taste of the great Canadian experience. British Columbia and Alberta hold some of Canada’s most famous national parks, so why not start on the west coast and work your way east.

Parks Canada Discover Pass

Parks Canada offers a Discover Pass, for $136 (2018) you can buy unlimited entries into all the National Parks for a year for a family of up to seven people. Camping fees are extra and reservations are a good idea. You can either camp in the national parks, or many parks are close enough to small cities and towns that you can stay in private campgrounds that have more amenities for your motorhome rental.

Pacific Rim National Park

Pacific Rim National Park is located 5 hours north of Victoria, British Columbia and is situated on the Pacific Ocean. This is the perfect park if you are looking to see humpback or killers whales. There are many hiking trails that follow along the ocean or that take you deep into the BC rainforest.

Photo Credit:

Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mount Revelstoke National Park offers a paved drive up the mountain to a parking lot where the shuttle will take you to the Meadow in the Sky Parkway. Here you can stroll through a field of Indian paintbrush, heather, arctic lupin and dozen of other wildflowers. Or take a hike right from downtown to the old ski jump that was popular in the 1920s. Here you can actually stand right where the ski jumpers used to stand to overlook the jump.

Photo Credit:

Kootenay National Park

Kootenay National Park is one of seven continuous national parks in the Rocky Mountains. Here you will find the natural contrast of cold mountain rivers with the steamy hot water of natural hot springs. Radium Hot Springs is one of the largest developed hot springs but if you get lucky you may stumble into one of the not so well known undeveloped springs. The picture below is Lussier Hot Springs, the hot pools sit right beside the icy cold flowing river.

Photo Credit:

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park in Alberta is home to Mount Robson, the highest Mountain in the Canadian Rockies. If wildlife is on your list of things to see this park may just give you that. It is very common to see Big Horn Sheep and Elk standing right on the side of the road.

Photo Credit: Selfievip_pelomundo

Banff National Park

Banff National Park, just an hours drive from Calgary Alberta, is one of Canada’s most famous national parks. Summer or winter Banff has local galleries, museums, upscale shopping and amazing world class restaurants. In the winter take in unparalleled downhill skiing and in the summer visit the championship golf course. The sights from the gondola can be taken in year rounds as can a visit to the Banff Upper Hot Springs. And whether you are staying at the Banff Springs Hotel or not the hotel is spectacular to see.

Photo Credit:

Travelling around the west of Canada has spectacular sights year round. Rent an RV from Vancouver, British Columbia or Calgary, Alberta and let your RV rental vacation begin.