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Pillow and Powder RV Rental Special

As we all stay closer to home this year you may be wondering what to do with your winter vacation time. Why not try something different and rent an RV for a winter getaway? Hit up one of Canada’s many amazing ski slopes, visit friends and family, or tour some local hot springs. There is so much to do in our own backyard during these snowy months. This Pillow and Powder RV rental special is just what you have been waiting for.

Pillow and Powder book now
  • Pick up an RV from one of Canadreams locations including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary or Halifax.
  • Fully insulated for winter MH-A Maxi Motorhome, sleeps up to 6 (4 adults and 2 children).
  • Pick up dates between November 4, 2020, and April 4, 2021.
  • All Convenience Kits (Utensils, linen, towels, bedding).
  • US Travel Fee
  •  One Additional Driver
  •  Early Pick Up and/or Late Drop Off (Transfers to depots and vehicle pick up between 10 am – 12 pm. Late Drop off by 3 pm.)
  • Unlimited Generator use.

Booking is easy, our quote program does all the complex calculations for you. Click the “Book Now” button, input your dates and our program automatically calculates the best price.

So what are you waiting for? Your next Pillow and Powder RV rental special vacation awaits.

If you are looking at planning next years summer vacation we have deals for that too. Check out our specials in the article below.

Amazing Deals on RV, Camper and Motorhome Rentals

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Winter Festivals in an RV

RVing in the Snow: Tips and Tricks


Early Bird Booking Specials 2021

Amazing Deals on RV, Camper and Motorhome Rentals

Looking for an amazing deal on RV, camper and motorhome rentals in 2021? We have some great early bird RV specials for you when booking before October 31, 2020.

Available Options:

Choose 1 from 4 available options and save up to $812.50 on your 2021 Canadian RV vacation when you book by October 31, 2020, for travel between April 5 and October 31 2021.

Early Booking RV Special

One Way Special

The One Way Special allows you to pick up between selected CanaDream locations and drop off in selected CanaDream locations for half the normal one-way fee.  This special will save you up to $700.00 on your booking. (Minimum 14-night rental applies). Note: The One Way Special is applicable to pick up and drop off between Vancouver, Calgary, Whitehorse, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

Unlimited Kilometres Special

The Unlimited Kilometre Special will allow you to travel as far as you want at a 50% discount ($812.50) saving off our regular price.

The Unlimited Kilometre package regular price is $1,625.00 for a maximum of 21 nights.  Price for additional nights is $50.00 per night.

1000 Free Kilometre Package Special

Purchase two 500 km packages and receive an additional two 500 km packages at no charge. We provide four 500 km packages for a total of 2000 km, with 1000 of these coming to you free of charge. This special will save you $350.00.

Convenience Kits, Additional Drivers, and U.S. Travel Special

This special includes up to 6 convenience kits ($95.00 per person normal value), up to 2 additional drivers ($5.00 per person per day) and US travel charges ($10.00 per day) – a total saving of up to $740.00.

Terms and Conditions apply to all specials.

So get the family together and start planning your next RV rental road trip with these early booking specials.

Want to hear more about our specials, promotions and exciting trip itineraries? Follow us on Facebook at or Twitter @CanadaRVRentals.

WheresSafe GPS Tracking device for RV

Keep your Camper Van Safe and Track your RV

When deciding whether to rent out your own RV or camper there are many things to consider and can be a bit worrisome. Who is actually renting your RV? Where will they be going? What if they break down? What if the RV gets stolen? And so many more questions. Being in the RV rental business for over 20 years, there are a few tricks of the trade that you learn along the way. An important one is that you always want to know where in the world your RV is.

Why would you want to track your RV? For a number of reasons:

  • To provide support should anyone break down or become lost;
  • To ensure your RV can be found if stolen;
  • and Peace of mind.

That’s why we recommend the WhereSafe GPS tracking device. It’s incredibly easy to install and comes with a number of features that we love.

Track your RV with GPS tracking device

A few top features include:

Real Time Mapping:

The real-time mapping allows you to view both current and past vehicle locations on a big dynamic map taking away the worry of where your vehicle may be or where it may be going. You’ll be able to see the routes driven and the stops that are made. And this can all be viewed from either you desktop or mobile device (yes there’s an app for that!) or anywhere that has internet access so that you can be enjoying a vacation while your RV is making you some extra cash to pay for said vacation.

Track your RV with GPS tracking device


If you’re thinking that always logging into your account to check what’s happening with your camper can be a bit of a pain, fear not! You can set up notification based on whatever worry you may have.

  • Set geofencing entry/exit alerts so you know when a vehicle enters/exits a boundary you set.
  • Ignition on/off so you know when your RV is about to be on the move.
  • Excessive speeding so you know if things are getting out of control
  • Power disconnect so you know when/if the device is being tampered with
  • Alarm trip so that you have the ability to recover your RV if it gets stolen
  • And a low battery alarm so that your device stays up and running
Track your RV with GPS tracking device

The Device:

The device itself is small, compact and the battery last forever. At 10000 mAh, the battery can last up to 2 months on standby, or 1 month with average daily driving. This GPS tracker sleeps when the vehicle is not in motion and updates every 8 hours. When it starts to move, you get regular updates every 2 minutes.

WheresSafe GPS Tracking device for RV

What more could you want to settle your mind and rest assured your camper van is being taken care of. Pop over WhereSafe to purchase your WhereSafe GPS device today.

WheresSafe GPS Tracking device for RV
CORONAVIRUS RV rental cancellation policy

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Travel Advisory: RV Rental Cancellation Policies

Adventure Touring sends our regards to our customers during these uncertain times. Our principal focus at this time is the health and wellbeing of our customers. The COVID-19 virus has brought many changes and unexpected challenges to all of us. Including, highly impacting the travel industry. (Included below is a list of updated CoronaVirus RV Rental cancellation policies).

With travel across the nation coming to a halt, our reservations team is working hard to get through hundreds of cancellations. Our rental partners across the country are doing the best they can to meet the needs of our customers at this time. Due to the high volume of cancellations, processing, and sorting through individual cases is taking much longer than our normal, making it difficult to meet the high service standards we pride ourselves on. Thank you for your continued support and rest assured we are working hard to process every case. Trust that our reservations team will respond to each of you as soon as we can. 

With recent travel restrictions imposed we wanted to share the revised CoronaVirus RV cancellation policies of our rental partners and how they may impact your booking. Please be aware of the pre-emptive steps being undertaken by our partners to continue to ensure that all RV’s are both disinfected and fully sanitized.

Please note many of our rental partners are still operating and that a 14-day campervan trip does meet the requirements of self-isolation. 

We will continue to provide updates as we receive new information. Suppliers are refining their Terms and Conditions on an ongoing basis as Governments amend policy’s on the movement of people.

Government Information and Support regarding COVID-19

CORONAVIRUS RV Cancellation Policies

CANADREAM – Updated March 30

With daily changes being announced across the Canadian provinces we operate in, we will be limited in our physical presence at our stations. We are helping businesses to provide essential services for mobile self-isolation units and we will continue to offer support to any Guests on the road. 

We strongly advise you to call our locations if you have an inquiry – please do not turn up unannounced as we may not have a Cast member ready to help you at that time. 

Upcoming Bookings

If you have an upcoming booking in May, contact us at [email protected] to discuss rebooking or cancellation options.

If your booking is in the summer months of June-October and you have concerns about travel, you can contact our team to discuss options for cancellation and changes. Email us at [email protected].

You will appreciate that we are handling many Guest queries and we will prioritize those with the most imminent travel dates.

CanaDream’s commitment to you

Guest experience and safety has always been our number one priority. We consult with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), and other agencies to ensure we are aligned with the latest information to help us make the best decisions for our Guests and Cast. You can get the latest information at

Countries with restricted travel

Where Guests are due to travel up to 30th April 2020 from a Country which has imposed short term travel restrictions where they cannot travel to Canada, CanaDream has several options for Guests to choose:

  •  Rebook to a future date in the 2020 season, where the value of your current booking will be credited to use on the new trip. The new dates would be priced as per the dates when you booked your first trip, subject to availability. Any special offers given at that time would also be carried over. Any increase/decrease in price will be charged/credited to you.
  • Rebook to a future date in the 2021 season. CanaDream will reprice the new trip details based on the new prices for the 2021 season giving the new early booking offers for the new dates of travel. Change of location/units are also permitted in this rebooking process. Any increase/decrease in price will be charged/credited to you.
  • Guests that booked a relocation offer/special offer which is not available for their new selected dates, CanaDream will credit the value of the booking to a new booking.
  •  If you wish to cancel with no rebooking, CanaDream will waive cancellation fees.

Countries able to travel

Where Guests are due to travel in the summer season and there are currently no travel restrictions to Canada or from their country of origin, they can change or cancel their booking under our standard terms and conditions. Which allow:

  • Rebook to a future date in the 2020 season. The value of your current booking will be credited to use on the new trip. The new dates would be priced as per the dates when you booked your first trip, subject to availability. Any special offers given at that time would also be carried over. Any increase/decrease in price will be charged/credited to you.
  • Rebook to a future date in the 2021 season. CanaDream will reprice the new trip details based on the new prices for the 2021 season giving the new early booking offers for the new dates of travel. Change of location/ units are also permitted in this rebooking process. Any increase/decrease in price will be charged/credited to you.
  • Where guests booked a relocation offer/special offer which is not available for their new selected dates, CanaDream will credit the value of the booking to a new booking.
  • Guests that wish to cancel with no rebooking, our standard cancellation terms will apply, and guests should be advised to pursue a claim with their travel insurance.

Any special cases where a guest is unable and has supporting medical documentation recommending them not to travel as a result of Covid19, we are happy to review these on a case by case basis.


CanaDream does want new bookings to be made with confidence. Therefore, for the booking period from today up to 30th April 2020 for the travel period up to 31st October 2020, they will offer flexibility on new reservations. Such that, if there should be government travel restrictions put in place due to Covid19 making the journey impossible they will:

1. Allow rebooking to another date up to 3rd April 2022 (as per rebooking terms stated above)

2. Waive the cancellation fee with a full refund

CRUISE CANADA – Updated March 24

We continue to monitor the situation closely with regard to the travel ban and restrictions surrounding Covid-19. For International travelers affected traveling to the USA and Canada and have now updated our policy for reservations and cancellations to all Cruise America & Cruise Canada departures as follows:

  • Cancellations: For all Cruise America and Cruise Canada departures (for International travelers affected) booked to depart through to May 31st, 2020, Cruise America and Cruise Canada shall waive ALL cancellation fees.
  • Reservations Changes and Re-bookings (with 20% discount!): For all departures during this period (for International travelers affected) booked to depart through to May 31st, 2020, Cruise America & Cruise Canada will be happy to modify or change any bookings during this departure period to any other dates during the 2020 season. In the cases where clients are willing and able to rebook their trips, we will offer a 20% discount on daily flex rate and mileage from the current Cruise America & Cruise Canada offer at the time of rebooking.
Details of Re-booking offer with 20% discount:
  •  We do understand that due to European Travel regulations, some tour operators may have no choice but to cancel every booking during the official travel ban period (currently in effect through April 12th). In these cases, if the client cancels and then re-books, we will treat this the same as a change or modification and we will happily honor the 20% incentive mentioned above.
  •  If the affected booking is a one-way, a one-way approval will be necessary before the re-booking can be confirmed.
  •  Group bookings are not included in the above offer – please contact Cruise America / Cruise Canada reservations directly to discuss re-booking options for existing Groups.
  •  Example: Client A is scheduled to depart April 1st for a 20 day rental from LAX to LAX. Client A elects to change the reservation or cancels and re-books the reservation for departure June 15th for a 20 day rental from LAX to LAX. In this case, all terms of the new departure dates as per Cruise America’s (or Cruise Canada for Canadian rentals) current program (currently published flex rates, current specials, etc.) shall apply, less 20% discount on all time and miles.

Here at Adventure Touring we look forward to a brighter future and know that together we will all get through these challenging times. We will continue to make updates on the CoronaVirus RV cancellation policies. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please stay healthy and take care.

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RVing in 2020

RVing in 2020 is the perfect holiday. With extra time at home, you have lots of time to plan your dream 2020 Canadian RV road trip! Summer and fall are the best times to rent an RV and explore our incredible country. Start planning for brighter days, filled with adventure, spectacular sceneries and making memories of a lifetime. Read on, for our top reasons why an RV vacation may be exactly what you need for the upcoming summer and fall of 2020.

Canadian Rocky Mountains
Photo Credit: Joshua Reddekopp, Unsplash

Get Outside

When it is time to get out and about again, it will be wonderful to cruise the open road and explore the great Canadian outdoors! This summer, rent an RV and plan hikes, canoe trips, and evenings next to a crackling campfire under the stars. Explore Canada to find hidden gems, untouched pristine lakes, and spend quality time making memories of a lifetime with the family. Maybe 2020 is the year you explore the Maritimes.

RV Road trip bay of fundy
Photo Credit: Peter Lloyd, Unsplash

Avoid Potential Travel Bans

During these uncertain times, enjoy a family RV vacation amongst any travel restrictions. It is unknown how international travel will resume for the rest of 2020. With that said, we all deserve a little fun, and adventure. With kids out of school, planning an RV vacation for August or September gives you something to look forward to without the worry of lingering travel bans affecting your plans.

Alberta pristine lakes
Photo Credit: Johny Goerend, Unsplash

Contribute to Canada’s Economy

What better way to help give our economy a boost then traveling and exploring our amazing country! Now is a time to think not only about safety but about benefiting our economy. With so many options, get intimate with our majestic Canadian landscape, support local Canadian business, and give back to our economy. Plan to go RVing in 2020 and have an experience you will never forget. Plan to drive the Icefield Parkways, one of the most spectacular drives worldwide,  get info here.


At Adventure Touring our fleet of RVs are meticulously cleaned and sanitized for each rental (this has always been the standard at Adventure Touring). With over 750 RVs we will find one to fit your needs and budget! Give your family a chance to get out on the open road and take in new scenery. With contact-free pick up and drop off you can still have the road trip of a lifetime while keeping yourself and family safe. We also offer cancellation insurance just in case anything changes.

Cruise Canada
Photo Credit: Aston Yao

Summer Vacation Season

While you previously may have thought of airplanes for your 2020 vacations, RVing is a great alternative. By the time summer rolls around, we will all deserve a vacation! RV rentals provide memorable and affordable, summer road trips. Book now and start planning your summer and fall RV adventures. Check out this article for hot tips for Canada wide trips!

While this may be an uncertain time we are looking brightly towards the future and the many epic RV adventures you and your family may undertake in 2020. For that reason, we will remain open and active during this time. Please feel free to contact our reservation specialists at any time. We are happy to help you plan your 2020 RV road trip, to celebrate a positive future and create a memorable Canadian vacation.



Want to hear more about our specials, promotions, and exciting trip itineraries? Follow us on Facebook at, Pinterest, Instagram @RVadventuretouring,  or Twitter @CanadaRVRentals


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RV Across Canada: Hot Tips

RV across Canada for an epic adventure that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. Canada is the world’s 2nd largest country, with an area mass of almost 10 000 million km²!  Which means, there’s lots to explore on your RV adventure. From giant mountain ranges, vast prairies, busy cities, pristine beaches, and beautiful countryside, adventures are waiting for you all along the way! RV across Canada and have the time of your life with these Hot tips!

RV Across Canada: planning tips
Photo Credit:

Route Planning

With 10 provinces and 3 territories, your options are endless! Here are tips to ensure you see everything on your Canada bucket list:

  1. Get a general idea of the distance between your desired stops on MapQuest. Hot tip: take the total number of km and divide by the number of days and voila! You can get a good estimate of how many hours you want to drive each day.
  2. Check out the Trans-Canada Highway. Spanning from Victoria BC to St John’s Newfoundland, it is the world’s longest national highway. A whopping 7 821 km in length!

Remember, keep some flexibility in case you want a day off from driving, come across bad weather, or find that absolutely perfect place that you just aren’t ready to leave.

RV Newfoundland
Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Shhewitt

Things to Pack

  1. Paper Map: there will be places on your road trip where you won’t have reception. Hot Tip: there are great backcountry road maps from BRMB if you plan on doing any hiking, find conservation areas, and other natural highlights.
  2. Bug Spray: unless you are going across Canada in the winter at one point or another you will be very grateful you packed this! Hot Tip: Unless you are going on a winter adventure, an RV trip across Canada is ideal in the Summer or Fall months.

While on your Epic Adventure

  1. Keep gas tank over half full: Just in case you hit road closures, a detour, or even if you get lost you don’t want to run out of gas. Hot Tip: There can be big stretches of highway without and fuel services, watch for the signs that will advise you how many km to the next services.
  2. Drive during the day: With winding mountainous roads and plenty of wildlife, you are better off driving during the day. Also, you don’t want to miss the spectacular sights! 
  3. Check the weather: If a storm is rolling into your planned destination you may want to stay where you are. There is no need to rush on your road trip or drive in unpleasant conditions.
  4. Check out the province-specific webcams to see the state of the road.
RV British Columbia
Photo Credit:

Fun Tips 

  1. Consider a camera dash to capture that epic scenery along the way
  2. You can get a short term Fishing license, all the info for how in each province is here.

Enjoy the stunning scenery, culture, attractions, and the vastness of a road trip across Canada. With these hot tips, you can plan an epic RV adventure across Canada.

Get more inspiration for your Canada RV Adventure with these articles: The Maritimes in an RV: A Dream Roadtrip, Vancouver’s Must-See Destinations, and Toronto Adventures

Want to hear more about our specials, promotions, and exciting trip itineraries? Follow us on Facebook at, Instagram @RVadventuretouring,  or Twitter @CanadaRVRentals

Quebec Carnaval

Winter Festivals in an RV

Winter festival season in Canada is the perfect way to break free of winter hibernation. Book your RV today, pack your toques, and get ready to celebrate at these fun winter festivals nationwide.


Carnaval de Quebec: February 7 – 16

Held in Quebec City, this winter festival is not to be missed. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone at this winter carnival. Enjoy spectacular night parades, live music, entertainment of all types, and ice sculptures. As well, meet their representative, Bonhomme de Neige (a 7-foot 400-pound snowman), and tour his castle. For more info, get the whole program here.

Quebec Carnaval
Photo Credit:

Lake Louise and Banff

Ice Magic Festival: January 15-26

Feel the magic of winter surrounded by the gorgeous peaks of the Rocky Mountains.  Wander through the winter wonderland of Lake Louise. With many features, enjoy ice bars, ice carvings, and skating on the famous lake. Don’t miss the iconic ice castle and the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Also, witness the fascinating medium of the world’s best ice carving artists. Check out the full schedule here.

Lake Louise winter festival
Photo Credit:

Prince George

Coldsnap Winter Music Festival: January 24 – February 1

Purchase tickets for this winter music festival in Prince George. Each night has a different genre from Hip Hop, to Soul, to a Bluegrass night. With many options, the schedule for music performances is here.


Festival du Voyageur: February 14 – 23

In Winnipeg, the festival slogan is “We don’t hibernate, we celebrate!” Moreover, Festival Du Voyageur is known as Western Canadas biggest winter festival. Enjoy a full line up of live music. Get involved with historic interpretations. Get some exercise on a guided snowshoe tour. Learn their culture storytelling and dance parties. Explore the International Snow Sculpture Symposium. Also, get your thrills on the ice slide, and horse sleigh rides. Get the program for this exciting festival here.

Festival du voyageur, Winnipeg
Photo Credit:


Snowking Festival: February 29 – March 27

Construction on the giant ice castle starts in January. You will need to see this to believe it! This festival features a full line up of live music and DJs. Also, enjoy films and dance performances. As well, try out their virtual reality and more. Pack up the RV and don’t forget your camera, if you are lucky you will add to the magic with the aurora borealis.

Get ready to break out of your winter slump and celebrate this gorgeous season! Our RV’s are fully stocked to keep you warm up to -30. So, pack up and catch all the excitement and Canadian warmth, as you cross our nation for these amazing winter festivals!

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RVing in the Snow: Tips and Tricks

RVing in the snow opens the door to winter adventure. Indulge in the crisp fresh air, shimmering snowflakes, and quiet cozy winter evenings.  Chase the winter activities you desire with the comfort and convenience of an RV rental. Here are tips for a successful RV trip in the snow!

RV in the snow
Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Before you Begin your Winter RV Adventure

  • Check the weather!! The weather can change quickly and it’s smart to be prepared.
  • Have a backup plan. Flexibility, when you are RVing in the snow, is a nice option. Spend an extra night at your favorite ski resort and travel on when the weather is looking better.
  • Check which campgrounds are open for winter camping. Find winter campgrounds here.
  • Read this article on pro tips for driving an RV in the snow.

What to Pack to RV in the Snow

  • RVing in the snow means pack warm clothes. But, make sure you bring extra clothing layers, gloves, and hats.
  • Pack extra snacks and water.
  • Shovel: you never know when a shovel will come in handy! A shovel will help dig you out if you get stuck. Also, you can dig yourself a nice flat area to park.
  • Boardgames and movies: if its too cold to go out and play, bring fun family activities to keep you entertained.
  • Snowshoes, ski’s, camera, and whatever winter activity gear you require for this adventure.
RV in Snow
Photo Credit: Camping-lovetoknow

 General Tips to RVing in the Snow

  • When parking your RV in the snow, place wooden blocks under the stabilizing jack to keep them from freezing and sticking.
  • Keep an eye on the propane tanks. Running out could lead to a chilly night.
  • Keep your gas tank full. This will prevent ice from forming in the gas tank. Also, it will give you peace of mind if you do hit a detour or need to take another route.
  • Watch for black ice, if you do slide, try to avoid the brakes and keep the RV pointed straight.

Tips to keep the RV Warm and Cozy!

  • Keep the snow shoveled off the roof.
  • Park in the sun, and naturally heat the RV. This will melt the snow off the roof and brighten your day of course!
  • Park the RV with protection from the wind, if this isn’t possible park the RV so the wind is hitting the front of the RV rather than the sides.
  • With our insulated RV’s and weatherproofing to -30C, running the furnace will keep everything warm. Including, water pipes and hoses.
Winter RV Northern LIghts
Photo Credit: reserveamerica

Skip the crowds and cut the cost with a winter RV trip. Enjoy serene winter landscapes, your favourite ski resorts, and quiet snowy mornings. Remember these tips and have a great adventure with your RV in the snow.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Travel Deals

Lowest Price Promise

If you are looking for travel deals you are in the right spot. It’s very simple, if you have a better quote on the same vehicle from another website, please send it to us and we will beat the offer. The additional saving will be deducted from your booking deposit!

And if you travel between April 6, 2020 and June 21, 2020 or August 24, 2020 or November 1, 2020. Until January 31, 2020, get an additional 8% off.

Book from Nov 23-30, 2019 to SAVE with our travel deals!

Certain conditions apply, such as it must not be a mistake in the price, please contact us for details.


There are great prices for RV rentals for the spring and summer, these are generally available in the fall and early winter, so book by January 31st. For those travellers flying in, you might be able to find some amazing prices on flights on Cyber Monday, and then get a super price on a one-way rental or a longer-term rental for the spring or summer. Check our quote programs for the lowest prices available. Note that one way RV rentals book up early, and we recommend booking a one way trip in the fall or early winter for the upcoming summer. Check out our early bird pricing when you book before January 31, 2020.

Twillingate icebergs on RV trip

The Maritimes in an RV: A Dream Roadtrip

Take in the beauty and salty ocean air on a scenic RV road trip through the Maritimes. Here are highlights from each province of the magical misty lands of Eastern Canada. The convenience of traveling in an RV means you can see all the Maritimes have to offer, on this road trip of a lifetime.

Hopewell Rocks
Photo Credit: World Travel Guide

New Brunswick

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world! The rising sea levels will take your breath away! Walk along the ocean floor and in 6 hours the water level will rise 14 meters. See the full effect of the spectacular tides at Hopewell rocks. With RV parking on-site, this is a perfect stop for the night.

Magnetic Hill: In Moncton, New Brunswick test this famous optical illusion with your own eyes and RV! Park at the bottom of the hill and feel your RV roll up the hill at this natural phenomenon

Whale Watching: With over twelve different species of whales! Watch the mystical gentle giants appear from ocean depths. Book a whale watching tour here.

Nova Scotia

Cabot Trail: Perfect for an RV road trip, you cannot miss this world-famous drive! The Cabot Trail is 300km of spectacular coastline scenery. Break up the drive and stop for the night at Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Continue to follow this epic road past forested river canyons, to where the mountains meet the sea. Keep a sharp eye not to miss moose, bald eagles, or pilot whales. Drive at your leisure and stop to shop at many artisan shops or play golf all from the comfort of your RV.

Peggys Cove: Many of the secret gems in this area are tucked away on side roads, perfect to explore in your RV. Enjoy birdwatching, hiking, kayaking, pristine beaches, and more, and don’t forget to check out the iconic lighthouse.

Twillingate icebergs on RV trip
Photo Credit: Visit Twillingate


Gros Morne National Park: With hiking, scenic boat tours, and picturesque RV camping there are days of fun in the historic wilderness.

Cape Spear Lighthouse: Perched on a rugged cliff is the oldest surviving lighthouse in the province. Also, home to our continents most easterly point. Get up early to be the first to see the rise in North America!

Twillingate: Known as the iceberg capital of the world this is prime viewing location! With many options for boat tours get up close and personal with natures giant ice display and the 22 different species of whales feeding along the coast!

Drive RV across Condferation Bridge
Photo Source: Wikipedia


Drive the RV from New Brunswick to PEI to cross the famous Confederation Bridge. The 8-mile long bridge is the longest to cross over ice-covered water and the 10-minute drive is excellent for photos

Greenwich Dunes: Walk the .75km floating boardwalk to experience, endangered birds, and rare plants. Continue on to walk to the parabolic dunes and sandy beach.

Basin Head Provincial Park: Spectacular stretches of glowing white sand. With warm water in the summer this beautiful beach of “singing sand” is a must-see on this RV adventure.

I only scratched the tip of the iceberg (pun intended :)) for the must-see stops on your RV trip through the Canadian Maritimes. Cruising in an RV is the only way to take in the best Eastern Canada had to offer! With spectacular national parks, world-famous drives, stunning wilderness, beaches, and camping, this will be the trip of a lifetime.

For more on the Maritimes check out:

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Newfoundland & Labrador RV Rentals

Getting To Know Halifax

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