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RV Rental in Delta, BC

RV Rental for your Delta Vacation

Don’t forget to choose an RV rental for your Delta vacation…

Delta Address & Map

Canadream RV Rentals & Sales Delta
8223 92nd St
Delta BC, V4G 0A2
Map for Canada RV Rentals’ Delta

Cruise Canada
7731 Vantage Way
Delta, British Columbia V4G 1A6
Map for Canada RV Rentals’ Delta

Ambassador RV
7973 River Road
Delta, British Columbia V4G 1B4
Map for Canada RV Rentals’ Delta

Delta Driving Directions

Please enter your postal or ZIP code of your starting point for driving directions to our Delta RV rental depot.


Delta RV Rentals – Looking to tour the British Columbia coast in an RV? Delta may be the perfect RV rental location for you. Our Delta RV rental depot is located just 14 km from the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal. Take the Sea to Sky highway up to Whistler or visit one of the many islands located off the Vancouver shore. Find the perfect RV at the perfect price for your vacation and be assured that the staff at the Delta RV rental location will be there to help you make the most out of your holiday. Great RV’s, great prices and great staff, makes the Delta RV rental location the perfect pick up spot for your RV rental holiday. Let the Adventure begin.

Delta map and driving directions provided by: Google

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