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For RV rentals in Canada check this out. One of our suppliers is Cruise Canada, sister company to Cruise America which was founded in 1972. With over 40 years of experience in the RV rental and sales industry, you are sure to be satisfied choosing any of their RV’s for your dream holiday.

RV Rental locations include Alberta, BC, Nova Scotia, Ontario & Quebec. A Cross-Canada road trip has never been easier! Cruise Canada has four RV models to choose from. Here is a list of features and availability for a quick look.

All of Cruise Canada’s units have a Shower, Fresh Water Toilet, Microwave Oven, AC, & Furnace.

Truck & Camper 17’


Available in Vancouver and Calgary only
Sleeps 3
Additional Details:
Two-burner cooktop, 3 ft. refrigerator, AM / FM / CD / USB / Bluetooth / Aux Sound System.


Compact 19’


Not available in Halifax
Sleeps 3
Additional Details:
Two-burner cooktop, Stereo Sound system, and Refrigerator.


Standard 25’


Sleeps 5
Available everywhere
Additional Details:
Three- burner cooktop, stereo sound system, Refrigerator and freezer.


Large 30’


Sleeps 7
Available everywhere
Additional Details:
Three-burner cooktop, stereo sound system, Refrigerator and freezer, and amplified outside storage.

RV Rentals in Canada can be picked up from:

Calgary AB, Vancouver BC, Halifax NS, Toronto ON, or Montreal QC.

To fins your RV rental in Canada use our price comparison tool at the top of this page to browse and compare prices on RV’s and motorhomes. For one-way RV Rental options, choose your ideal pick-up and drop-off locations from the drop down menus. Once you start the price comparison tool you will have the option of live chatting with one of our sales specialists or you can call 1-877-778-9569. To receive the cheapest rate, book as soon as possible.

Happy RV-ing!

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