RV Rental Halifax

Halifax RV Rental Vacation

Halifax RV, tree overlooking the harbour

Halifax, Nova Scotia is a great place to start your RV rental vacation from. It is the second smallest of the Canadian provinces and it almost completely surrounded by water. Canada RV Rentals has to locations just outside of Halifax to start your RV rental.

From Rest and Relaxation to Adventure and Excitement

There are so many great things do to in Halifax from rest and relaxation to adventure and excitement Halifax has it all. If you are a Canadian you know Alexander Keith’s as one of Canada’s finest beers. Even if you aren’t familiar with it, a tour through one of North America’s oldest breweries is worth the stop. Hour long tours run all year long and are open to all ages.

Next take your Halifax RV Rental to the Bay of Fundy. Take a walk on the ocean floor where the worlds highest tides occur. As the 50′ tide waters retreat at the Bay of Fundy you see the exposed ocean floor appear before you. Take a peek into the past at Fisherman’s Cove. At this restored 200 year old fishing village you can walk the picturesque boardwalk and visit the many shops that house local artists Canadian wares. Stroll through the beautiful Victorian gardens at Halifax Public Gardens.

Make sure you stop at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Halifax was the closest major port to where the great Titanic went down. Because of this Halifax was were most of the wreckage from the ship ended up. Therefore this museum has a large collection of artifact from the sunken wreckage.

Head up the hill to The Citadel. Built back is 1749 to protect this city, this fort offers exceptional views looking out over the harbour. Parks Canada runs tours of the fort explaining what life was like back when people were living in the fort.

Eastern Canada is filled with a rich history and stunning scenery making it the perfect place to start your next Halifax RV rental vacation.