Early Booking Specials Ending Soon

Advantages of Early Booking

Booking early comes with lots of advantages. When you book early you are more likely to get the exact dates that you want for your RV rental vacation. Also booking early can save you lots of money, and who doesn’t like saving money. If you book your RV rental before the end of February, you can add on an early booking special that can save you up to $350 off this years RV rental. There are 4 specials to choose from. Add on the one that will save you the most money.

4 Early Booking Specials:

  1. Convenience kits, Additional driver and US travel. This special includes dishes and bedding for up to 6 people ($95 per person), up to 2 additional drivers ($5 per person per day), and US travel charges ($10 per night in the US). This early booking special can save you up to $740 depending on how many people are travelling in the RV and how many nights your RV rental is.
  2. Buy 2 – 500 km packages and get 2 – 500 km packages for free. This special will save you $350.
  3. Purchase 2 500km packages and get 2 free for a total of 2000km. This special can save you up to $350 off of your RV rental.
  4. Unlimited kilometre special. This special will allow you to travel as far as you would like in your RV rental for 25% off the cost of the unlimited km special price. The unlimited km special is regularly $625 for up to 21 nights. You will receive 25% off of this for a savings of $406. Additional nights over 21 are $75 per night.

Travel Dates

Early booking specials apply to bookings between April 6st and June 21th and between August 25th and November 1st. Specials do not apply to all RV rental locations. Use the quote program to find the perfect RV rental for you or call one of our RV reservation specialists to help you find your perfect RV rental. So what are you waiting for? Book your next RV rental by the end of February and save, save, save.

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