Burner Festival RV Rentals

Getting to the Burner Festival

The Burner Festival is an experience you do not want to miss. Traveling there in a Burner Festival RV rental is luxury. Having a space to call your own is incredible with the vast amount of people around. If you’re wondering the best way to get to the Burner Festival from Canada is, there are a few options.

The Burner Festival has a great how-to get here guide and should be read for insider tips.

Check out USA RV Rentals for Burner Festival RV Rentals

When renting a Burner Friendly RV rental, most RV rental companies that know you’re taking an RV to The Burner Festival will charge you a large deposit, and depending on the cleanliness of the RV upon return, may not return your deposit. So what’s the best bet for your RV rental? Check out our sister site: usarvrentals.com and pick up your RV in Reno. Make sure to choose the Reno Burner option when booking. These RV’s are better prepared to handle the journey and have likely done the journey before saving you some money in the long run when you return the RV.

And don’t forget to check out usarvrentals.com blog on preparing your RV for the Burner Festival, What to Know Before going to the Burner Festival, and the Top 10 Things to Bring to the Burner Festival when travelling in an RV.

Check out these articles to help you figure out what it costs to rent an RV and what size of RV would be good for your Burner Festival RV rental.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV in Canada

10′ Camper & Truck Rental (TC-A)

20′ Camper Van Rental (DVC)

23′ Camper Van Rental (SVC)

Class C 24′ RV Rental (MH-B Midi)

Class C 28′ RV Rental (MH-A Maxi)

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