RVing in 2020

RVing in 2020 is the perfect holiday. With extra time at home, you have lots of time to plan your dream 2020 Canadian RV road trip! Summer and fall are the best times to rent an RV and explore our incredible country. Start planning for brighter days, filled with adventure, spectacular sceneries and making memories of a lifetime. Read on, for our top reasons why an RV vacation may be exactly what you need for the upcoming summer and fall of 2020.

Canadian Rocky Mountains
Photo Credit: Joshua Reddekopp, Unsplash

Get Outside

When it is time to get out and about again, it will be wonderful to cruise the open road and explore the great Canadian outdoors! This summer, rent an RV and plan hikes, canoe trips and evenings next to a crackling campfire under the stars. Explore Canada to find hidden gems, untouched pristine lakes and spend quality time making memories of a lifetime with the family. Maybe 2020 is the year you explore the Maritimes.

RV Road trip bay of fundy
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Avoid Potential Travel Bans

During these uncertain times, enjoy a family RV vacation amongst any travel restrictions. It is unknown how international travel will resume for the rest of 2020. With that said, we all deserve a little fun, and adventure. With kids out of school, planning an RV vacation for August or September gives you something to look forward to without the worry of lingering travel bans affecting your plans.

Alberta pristine lakes
Photo Credit: Johny Goerend, Unsplash

Contribute to Canada’s Economy

What better way to help give our economy a boost then traveling and exploring our amazing country! Now is a time to think not only about safety but about benefiting our economy. With so many options, get intimate with our majestic Canadian landscape, support local Canadian business, and give back to our economy. Plan to go RVing in 2020 and have an experience you will never forget. Plan to drive the Icefield Parkways, one of the most spectacular drives worldwide,  get info here.


At Adventure Touring our fleet of RVs are meticulously cleaned and sanitized for each rental (this has always been the standard at Adventure Touring). With over 750 RVs we will find one to fit your needs and budget! Give your family a chance to get out on the open road and take in new scenery. With contact-free pick up and drop off you can still have the road trip of a lifetime while keeping yourself and family safe. We also offer cancellation insurance just in case anything changes.

Cruise Canada
Photo Credit: Aston Yao

Summer Vacation Season

While you previously may have thought of airplanes for your 2020 vacations, RVing is a great alternative. By the time summer rolls around, we will all deserve a vacation! RV rentals provide memorable and affordable, summer road trips. Book now and start planning your summer and fall RV adventures. Check out this article for hot tips for Canada wide trips!

While this may be an uncertain time we are looking brightly towards the future and the many epic RV adventures you and your family may undertake in 2020. For that reason, we will remain open and active during this time. Please feel free to contact our reservation specialists at any time. We are happy to help you plan your 2020 RV road trip, to celebrate a positive future and create a memorable Canadian vacation.



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RV Across Canada: Hot Tips

RV across Canada for an epic adventure that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. Canada is the world’s 2nd largest country, with an area mass of almost 10 000 million km²!  Which means, there’s lots to explore on your RV adventure. From giant mountain ranges, vast prairies, busy cities, pristine beaches, and beautiful countryside, adventures are waiting for you all along the way! RV across Canada and have the time of your life with these Hot tips!

RV Across Canada: planning tips
Photo Credit: continentalcurrencyexchange.ca

Route Planning

With 10 provinces and 3 territories, your options are endless! Here are tips to ensure you see everything on your Canada bucket list:

  1. Get a general idea of the distance between your desired stops on MapQuest. Hot tip: take the total number of km and divide by the number of days and voila! You can get a good estimate of how many hours you want to drive each day.
  2. Check out the Trans-Canada Highway. Spanning from Victoria BC to St John’s Newfoundland, it is the world’s longest national highway. A whopping 7 821 km in length!

Remember, keep some flexibility in case you want a day off from driving, come across bad weather or find that absolutely perfect place that you just aren’t ready to leave.

 RV Newfoundland
Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Shhewitt

Things to Pack

  1. Paper Map: there will be places on your road trip where you won’t have reception. Hot Tip: there are great backcountry road maps from BRMB if you plan on doing any hiking, find conservation areas and other natural highlights.
  2. Bug Spray: unless you are going across Canada in the winter at one point or another you will be very grateful you packed this! Hot Tip: Unless you are going on a winter adventure, an RV trip across Canada is ideal in the Summer or Fall months.

While on your Epic Adventure

  1. Keep gas tank over half full: Just in case you hit road closures, a detour, or even if you get lost you don’t want to run out of gas. Hot Tip: There can be big stretches of highway without and fuel services, watch for the signs that will advise you how many km to the next services.
  2. Drive during the day: With winding mountainous roads and plenty of wildlife, you are better off driving during the day. Also, you don’t want to miss the spectacular sights! 
  3. Check the weather: If a storm is rolling into your planned destination you may want to stay where you are. There is no need to rush on your road trip or drive in unpleasant conditions.
  4. Check out the Trans Canada Highway Webcams to see the state of the road.
RV British Columbia
Photo Credit: handluggageonly.co.uk

Fun Tips 

  1. Consider a camera dash to capture that epic scenery along the way
  2. You can get a short term Fishing license, all the info for how in each province is here.

Enjoy the stunning scenery, culture, attractions and the vastness of a road trip across Canada. With these hot tips, you can plan an epic RV adventure across Canada.

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RVing in the Snow: Tips and Tricks

RVing in the snow opens the door to winter adventure. Indulge in crisp fresh air, shimmering snowflakes and quiet cozy winter evenings.  Chase the winter activities you desire with the comfort and convenience of an RV rental. Here are tips for a successful RV trip in the snow!

RV in the snow
Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Before you Begin your Winter RV Adventure

  • Check the weather!! The weather can change quickly and it’s smart to be prepared.
  • Have a backup plan. Flexibility, when you are RVing in the snow, is a nice option. Spend an extra night at your favourite ski resort and travel on when the weather is looking better.
  • Check which campgrounds are open for winter camping. Find winter campgrounds here.
  • Read this article on pro tips for driving an RV in the snow.

What to Pack to RV in the Snow

  • RVing in the snow means pack warm clothes. But, make sure you bring extra clothing layers, gloves and hats.
  • Pack extra snacks and water.
  • Shovel: you never know when a shovel will come in handy! A shovel will help dig you out if you get stuck. Also, you can dig yourself a nice flat area to park.
  • Boardgames and movies: if its too cold to go out and play, bring fun family activities to keep you entertained.
  • Snowshoes, ski’s, camera, and whatever winter activity gear you require for this adventure.
RV in Snow
Photo Credit: Camping-lovetoknow

 General Tips to RVing in the Snow

  • When parking your RV in the snow, place wooden blocks under the stabilizing jack to keep them from freezing and sticking.
  • Keep an eye on the propane tanks. Running out could lead to a chilly night.
  • Keep your gas tank full. This will prevent ice from forming in the gas tank. Also, will give you peace of mind if you do hit a detour or need to take another route.
  • Watch for black ice, if you do slide, try to avoid the brakes and keep the RV pointed straight.

Tips to keep the RV Warm and Cozy!

  • Keep the snow shoveled off the roof.
  • Park in the sun, and naturally heat the RV. This will melt the snow off the roof and brighten your day of course!
  • Park the RV with protection from the wind, if this isn’t possible park the RV so the wind is hitting the front of the RV rather than the sides.
  • With our insulated RV’s and weatherproofing to -30C, running the furnace will keep everything warm. Including, water pipes and hoses.
Winter RV Northern LIghts
Photo Credit: reserveamerica

Skip the crowds and cut the cost with a winter RV trip. Enjoy serene winter landscapes, your favourite ski resorts, and quiet snowy mornings. Remember these tips and have a great adventure with your RV in the snow.

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