Things to Know Before Going to the Burner Festival

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You’ve bought your ticket to the Burning Man Festival, you’ve rented a Burner Friendly RV rental or are bringing your own motorhome, you’ve stocked your food, water, costumes, and gifts and are ready to head out on the road. Heading out into the desert to this amazing event is an experience not to be missed. However, on the way home, there are a few tips and tricks to make the cleanup process far less painful.

Driving on an Open Road to Burner Festival

What to know before you head out to the Burner Festival:

If you’ve never been to the Burner Festival, a good first times guide can be found on the Burner Festival website. Living for a week in the desert has its challenges, go prepared and life at your first burn will be that much more fun. Here are some things to know before the Burner festival.


Solar power is the way to go. It’s hot and sunny in the desert, with the exception of those sand storms. Running a generator burns fuel and is a noisy neighbour. Plus power makes a few things a bit easier to navigate around.


It’s unbelievably dark in the Black Rock Desert. Lighting up your RV so that you can see it on your way back to your home base is priceless.

Keeping Cool

The desert temperatures often reach above 100 degrees and there is no offer of any shade aside from what you make yourself. Here are a few great tips for keeping cool in extreme heat.


Make sure you have enough fuel to get into and out of the Burner Festival. Also, take into consideration fuel for the generator (just in case). There have been reports of people waiting in the line-up to get into the Burner Festival for upwards of 9 hours! So go prepared. Also, fill your tank on your way out of Reno. The closer you get to BRC the longer the line is for gas. And the wait becomes insane.

Seal the Dust Out

The alkaline dust found at the Playa can damage everything it touches. It has a talcum powder consistency and gets EVERYWHERE. Using painters tape to tape up all seams in your RV is key. It won’t keep all of the dust-out, but it’s far better than using nothing at all. Sealing up a fresh set of clothes for the drive home is glorious.


The Burner Festival recommends a vinegar-based cleaning solution to clean everything right away. From your clothes to your vehicle. Here are a few of their tips for cleaning out the dust. Make sure to use an air compressor to blow the dust from the engine (as the dust will lead to corrosion), wash the entire outside and vacuum up on the inside as soon as you possibly can. If you opt to visit a self-service bay, make sure to find one that your RV can fit into. In Reno, this one is great. On the flip side, you can always pay a professional to clean your motorhome as well. They may charge a bit extra for the extra deep clean, but it’s well worth it.

In the end, remember to have fun, enjoy the experience, and open yourself up to new adventures.

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Burner Festival in a Rental RV

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Burner Festival RV Rentals

Getting to the Burner Festival

The Burner Festival is an experience you do not want to miss. Travelling there in a Burner Festival RV rental is luxury. Having a space to call your own is incredible with the vast amount of people around. If you’re wondering the best way to get to the Burner Festival from Canada is, there are a few options.

The Burner Festival has a great how-to get here guide and should be read for insider tips.

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When renting a Burner Friendly RV rental, most RV rental companies that know you’re taking an RV to The Burner Festival will charge you a large deposit, and depending on the cleanliness of the RV upon return, may not return your deposit. So what’s the best bet for your RV rental? Check out our sister site: and pick up your RV in Reno. Make sure to choose the Reno Burner option when booking. These RV’s are better prepared to handle the journey and have likely done the journey before saving you some money in the long run when you return the RV.

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Things to Know Before Going to the Burner Festival

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